board of directors

The Board of Directors represents the interests of graduate students at Laurier who are members of the GSA, provides strategic direction expressed in broad policies, and offers clear future oriented leadership, outward vision and a broad range of viewpoints. Composition of the Board includes character, talent, and loyalty to the GSA, and fosters diversity into the whole of the organization.

The Board directs, monitors and inspires the organization through strategies and policies that are forward looking, including the influence of external factors and trends and capturing relevant values for the successful outcomes and conduct of the GSA.

The Board is accountable to the GSA membership through the following areas of focus:

  • Member and Stakeholder Representation
  • Setting Strategic Direction
  • Financial and Risk Oversight
  • President Succession Planning and Monitoring
  • Governance and Policy Development

The Board must act in a manner that is consistent with the Corporations Act of Ontario, and the GSA's Letter Patent and Constitution.

The Board meets once per month to discuss generative topics relating to the membership, governance and strategy items, and to monitor the President.

Governance Policies

These policies, found here are intended to help foster the highest governance standards, integrity, and accountability. They are structured to provide detail on the roles and responsibilities of the Board, how the Board remains accountable for its own practices, and to establish limitations and monitoring practices for the President.


This constitution governs the transaction of business and affairs of the GSA in representing, promoting, and defending the common interests of graduate students at Wilfrid Laurier University. The constitution can be viewed here.

Strategic Plan

Every five years, the Board of Directors, GSA President, and GSA staff creates a strategic plan to guide the association and its growth over the next five years. The document is to be broad enough to account of flexibility needed at Laurier, while being detailed enough to ensure accountability to students. The plan includes the GSA’s vision, mission, and values, details the organization of the internal structure, their strategic goals, and town hall feedback from each faculty. You can view this document here.

 Amandeep K. Singh

Amandeep K. Singh

 Jeanault Lasnier

Jeanault Lasnier

 Ann Marie Beals

Ann Marie Beals


Official Title: Chair of the Board
Nickname: Amz
Fun fact about you: Calgarian. I was on a dance (Bhangra) team for about 6 years and even taught it at an emergency women's shelter.
Why you wanted to get involved with the GSA: Joining just kind of naturally happened and I was encouraged to do so by multiple graduate students, both in my own program and others. I also think it's an important place to hear the voices of graduate students, that are an integral part of the university, and how best we can support them.
Life Goal(s): To catch 'em all, become a professor, and be involved in creating sustainable and transformative change.


Official Title: Treasurer
Nickname: Jeno
Favourite Quote, Book, or Movie and Why: "Do not wait, the time will never be just right."
Why you wanted to get involved with the GSA: I believe strongly that as a group the GSA has a lot to offer and that by leveraging the diverse groups and their strengths, that there is an even brighter future ahead for Laurier and every one of its students.
Life Goal(s): Travel to 100 Countries, I've traveled to 60 so far.


Official Title: Board Member
Who is someone you admire, and why? There are so many people that I admire; it is difficult to choose just one. So, I will give props to all the women who work tirelessly in community and academia. From organizing in grassroots organizations to the critical examinations of how systems frame our place on Turtle Island, women are doing the heavy lifting in pushing back to make our society a just society.
What are you happiest doing, when you’re not working? I love being on the land - in nature. It is my spiritual wellness and sparks my soul.
What are some causes you care about? My beliefs and values are rooted in social justice. I work toward making Laurier campuses equitable for all students and places where students can thrive.
What’s a goal you have for yourself that you want to accomplish in the next year? As I have been accepted into the Community Psychology PhD program, I will focus on doing well in the challenging and rigourous courses.
What do you think are your best skills that you'd like to bring to the GSA and how do you plan on using them? I'd like to think that I am a good listener. I am available for graduate students to listen to thier thoughts and concerns, and articulating them within the GSA to effect positive change for graduate students. I have developed a knowledge of the workings of Wilfrid Laurier University, and can assist graduate students in navigating the various departments within a campus context.