board of directors

Governance Policies

These policies, found here are intended to help foster the highest governance standards, integrity, and accountability. They are structured to provide detail on the roles and responsibilities of the Board, how the Board remains accountable for its own practices, and to establish limitations and monitoring practices for the President.


This constitution governs the transaction of business and affairs of the GSA in representing, promoting, and defending the common interests of graduate students at Wilfrid Laurier University. The constitution can be viewed here.

Strategic Plan

Every five years, the Board of Directors, GSA President, and GSA staff creates a strategic plan to guide the association and its growth over the next five years. The document is to be broad enough to account of flexibility needed at Laurier, while being detailed enough to ensure accountability to students. The plan includes the GSA’s vision, mission, and values, details the organization of the internal structure, their strategic goals, and town hall feedback from each faculty. You can view this document here.