Have You Recently Been Accepted for Graduate Study at Laurier? Congratulations!

Pursuit of a graduate degree is an important investment in your personal growth and future career. Gain the most value from your investment, by completing this checklist:

+ 1. Learn all about scholarship deadlines and application procedures

  • Be sure to fill out your student awards profile by the deadline
  • Familiarize yourself with graduate funding and awards through the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (FGPS)
  • Ask and apply for scholarships available through your department

+ 2. Find out about and attend orientation sessions for graduate students

+ 3. Conduct a review of your goals and objectives

What do YOU want to get out of your graduate years?

  • Enhance your graduate student experience by attending GSA programming and events
  • Start Career Planning (it's never too early to start planning a path you want to take and building your skills!)
  • Plan to attend workshops through your department and faculty, the ASPIRE program through the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, Student Teaching Development, or the Career Centre

+ 4. Become oriented to Laurier

Take the time to locate the offices, buildings, departments and people who will be most vital to your future success. Familiarize yourself with the following resources for graduate students:

You can use the campus interactive maps to assist you.

+ 5. Familiarize yourself with graduate policies and procedures in your program and at Laurier

You may first hear about Laurier graduate student policies and procedures when you attend your program and campus-wide orientation sessions. For additional resources:

+ 6. Meet early with your graduate supervisor (for PhDs or Thesis-based Masters)

One of the most important keys to success in graduate school is establishing a positive working relationship with your research supervisor.

Download a working copy of the checklist here.