Who Do I Talk To About...

Figuring out who to contact at Laurier about various aspects of your experience here can be confusing, so we've made a list to help get you started!

Your account, tuition statement, or fees

The Business Office - Extension 6245 - 202 Regina, 2nd floor

Admissions, your enrollment status

The Faculty of Graduate & Professional Students (FGPS) - Extension 3127 - DAWB, first floor

Your UHIP health coverage

(basic health coverage for International students)
Laurier International - Extension 2227 - DAWB, first floor

Your supplementary health & dental plans

WLUGSA - Visit the Health & Dental plan page
www.ihaveaplan.ca has all of the details of your plan: what's covered, how to claim, who to contact for problems, etc.

Laurier Bursaries, Scholarships, and Awards

Laurier Student Awards - Extension 4592 - 202 Regina, 2nd floor

Scholarships & Funding Packages, External Scholarships

FGPS - Extension 3127 - DAWB, first floor