Robert's Platform

Presidential Campaign

The current Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) President and Executive team have done an outstanding job over the past year. They have successfully advocated for Graduate student professional development funding; represented the voices of Graduate students on many university committees including the Student Wellness Initiative and the Graduate Student Experience Committee; increased the GSA’s visibility on all of Wilfrid Laurier University’s (WLU) campuses by creating new multi-campus Assistant-Vice President positions; and improved the quality of the overall Graduate students’ experience at WLU. The sitting administration has successfully recreated the GSA as a governing body with many new internal and external partnerships, strong fiscal management, and membership accountability. Given what has been accomplished, it is my belief that the GSA now requires a President and CEO who will provide continuity between the many changes that the GSA has adopted this year and the future. We need a President and CEO who understands the GSA’s operational structure and the importance of advocating for an enhanced Graduate student experience through the implementation of a progressive and proactive administration. The platform that I propose to run on consists of three main pillars: Communication, Collaboration, and Consistency. Through the implementation of each individual pillar I will focus on improving the Graduate students’ accessibility to resources, the creation of a stronger governing body and the development of an improved Graduate student experience.

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Press Release - March 14th 2014

Graduate Student’s Association

New GSA President Robert Bruce acclaimed – GSA announces full slate

Waterloo, Ontario… On Wednesday March 12th, one nomination was forwarded for the role of GSA President and CEO. The GSA is pleased to announce the acclamation of Robert Bruce. Robert is pursuing his Master of Arts in the Communication Studies Department. He became actively involved with the GSA, where he currently serves the membership on the Board of Directors, and as a member of the Finance Committee.  Robert also remains actively involved in our local community where he has been elected two consecutive terms to the Centreville-Chicopee Community Association Board of Directors, making him an ideal candidate for this new challenge. 

With him, Robert brings not only a wealth of experience with the GSA, but a passion for student leadership, fiscal and social responsibility, and maximizing the potential of the GSA to serve its’ diverse membership. Please join the GSA in welcoming President-Elect Robert Bruce as he works closely with President Ashley Coleman to transition smoothly into this new role on May 1st.

“The voice of graduate students is gaining momentum at Laurier. I look forward to using the knowledge I have gained as a BOD and committee member this year in my new role as 2014-2015 WLUGSA President and CEO. Consistency, collaboration and communication will be crucial to our continuing success.” –Robert Bruce (President Elect)

The full slate of acclamations includes Shawn Colle-Tripp, MBA Co-op Student as the 2014-2015 Chair of the Board of Directors and three new Board of Directors members in Albert Tam, Beth Watters and Divyang Patel. Kayleigh Abbott will sit as the graduate student voice on both the WLU Senate and Board of Governors from July 2014 until June 2016.

“Congratulations to Robert Bruce and the entire slate of candidates for being acclaimed to their positions with the Graduate Students’ Association” – Dani Saad (Chief Returning Officer)

“I am pleased that Robert has been named as the next President of the GSA. Robert’s experience with the GSA will serve him well as he assumes this role. I look forward to working with Robert over the next month as he familiarizes himself with the position. I am confident that the GSA will maintain its excellent level of service under the new leadership of Robert and the other successful candidates, and offer everyone my sincere congratulations.” –Ashley Coleman (President and CEO)