Showcasing Excellence in Graduate Student Research at Laurier


Congratulations to our Researcher of Laurier 2014 winner Dave Whiteside, and runner up Bharati Sethi. They both received cash prizes from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the GSA, and exclusive professional development packages coordinated by the Laurier Research Office.

Be sure to get your applications in for the next round for your chance to be selected as a Researcher of the Month with automatic entry into the Researcher of Laurier 2015 competition.

Submit an application for yourself, or nominate a Laurier graduate student, to be recognized for an exceptional research program! The GSA will be showcasing a difference graduate student every month, and all of the successful Researchers of Laurier will be eligible for an award at the conclusion of the Winter term.

This program will be carried out in collaboration with Laurier departments, but is focused on graduate students being honoured by their colleagues and community.

Please download the application form & send your nomination to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

> Application Form

> Letter to Students re: Researchers of Laurier