December Winner - Dave Whiteside

RoL Winner Slider-Dave WhitesideCongratulations to Dave Whiteside, our December researcher!

Dave Whiteside is currently completing his PhD in Organizational Behaviour through the School of Business & Economics. His SSHRC-funded research focuses on identifying the factors that lead to unfair behaviour in the workplace. Specifically, his dissertation examines how and why ego depletion (i.e., the depletion of cognitive resources required for effective self-control) can lead to managers treating others unfairly in organizations, even when they believe that they should be fair. Overall, results indicate that depleted managers engage in significantly lower levels of fairness than non-depleted managers but raising managers’ awareness of the potential fairness deficits in their behaviour can provide an effective intervention to minimize these depletion effects. Dave’s research has been published in Journal of Business Ethics and Research in Social Issues in Management and won the Best Master’s Thesis Award from the Human Resources Research Institute (HRRI).

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