September Winner - Carolyn Leckie

RoL Winner Slider-CAROLYNLECKIECongratulations to Carolyn Leckie, our September researcher!

Carolyn Leckie is a Master’s of Science Candidate in the Behavioural Neuroscience area of the Psychology department. Her NSERC-funded research focused on 4-MMC (mephedrone), a potent member of the novel family of drugs that are commonly sold as ‘bath salts’.  The contents of these ‘bath salts’ are often unknown, but consistently contains that are chemical relatives of 4-MMC. Recreational  drug users in the UK and North America have been flocking to these drugs. The reported effects are extremely variable and dangerous, and have been tied to numerous deaths. Using an animal model of targeted behaviours, her research investigated these concerning effects. Results indicate that by using 4-MMC, users stand to risk the harms and associated negative repercussions of two major classes of drugs: empathogenics and psychostimulants.

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