University Policies

Alcoholic Beverages

The University's Alcoholic Beverages Policy can be found on the Laurier website.

Booking of University Space and Facilities

The University's policy on booking space and facilities can be found on the Laurier website.

Bulletin Boards and Temporary Signs and Notices

The University's policy on posters, bulletin boards, and other notices can be found on the Laurier website. The Poster Policy, governing the size, number, and nature of posters that are allowed to be posted on campus is under the jurisdiction of the Dean of Students' Office. Copies are available in the GSA Office.

All posters must be stamped by both the GSA and the Dean of Students' Office.

Student Code of Conduct & Discipline

Policies on academic and non-academic conduct are available on the Laurier website.

Audio/Visual Equipment

Full A/V equipment is available in Veritas Cafe.

Almost all classrooms and lecture halls on campus come equipped with a full media console and data video projector. If you require the use of this equipment with a room booking, you will need to pick up a key from Information Technology Services (ITS). Instructions and locations will be provided in your room booking confirmation. ITS can also supply you with additional equipment for all kinds of events.

The U-Desk also provides assorted A/V equipment which is free for students to book.


GSA Marketing Support

Inquiries regarding marketing of clubs and events should be sent to the Student Affairs Director.

Marketing templates & further details coming soon!

GSA Email Newsletters - These go out during the first week of each month. If you have an event coming up, or some news to share, contact our Communications staff before the last week of the month and get the word out!

GSA Website Event Listings - Events and news updates can be posted on the GSA website. Just send our Communication staff the details and we'll post your information within 3 business days.

Your Club Page - Each club may have a page on the GSA website on which they can post information about the club, how to get involved, upcoming events and initiatives, etc. Correspond with our Communications staff about what you would like to see posted.

Facebook - The GSA can link to your Facebook Group, Page, or Event on the official GSA Facebook Page.

Twitter - The GSA can tweet about what your club is up to! Coming soon... a Clubs-specific Twitter account to bring together club communications!

Online Calendar - We can add your events and meetings to the public Graduate Student Google Calendar on the GSA website. Contact our Communications staff with the details!

Design - if you need help designing other marketing materials, talk to us and we'll help you out!


Printing Services - If you have an internal Laurier account, you can make print orders through Laurier's Printing Services.

The Hub, conveniently located in the Concourse, takes OneCard and cash, and offers a 20% discount with your Hub Pass.

Catering & Bar Service on Campus

WLUSU Catering serves the Turret, Hawk's Nest, FNCC Boardroom, the Wilf's Den, and any other locations within the Fred Nichols Campus Centre.

Laurier Food Services' Classic Fare Catering must be used for catering and/or bar service elsewhere on campus, excepting Veritas Cafe.

Catering is available from Veritas Cafe for reservations in that space or meetings in the GSA Office.

No external food may be brought in for events on campus without explicit permission from the GSA.

Booking Space on Campus

Reservations and booking for Veritas Cafe can be made by contacting Ellen Menage at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

General campus bookings can be made through the WLU Booking Office's Booking Form.

Some areas on campus are not booked through the booking form, including the Concourse (booked through the OneCard Office), performance facilities, computer labs, the Schlegel Atrium, and a few more. Exceptions to the Booking Form are listed here.