Clubs Policy

Our Clubs Policy includes all of the guidelines for the relationship between clubs and the GSA. The GSA welcomes the involvement of any students passionate about forming a new opportunity for graduate student engagement at Laurier! Some highlights of what the GSA provides to Clubs, and procedures that Clubs need to follow are outlined here.

The Clubs Policy was reviewed & revised in July, 2012. Some key changes are outlined here.

Creating a Club

While club applications are accepted throughout the year, funding is distributed only twice a year, in September and January.

In order to create an officially recognized club, and be eligible for funding from the GSA, you will need to complete the following steps:

      1. Recruit Executives and members
      2. Create a constitution (see sample here)
      3. Submit an application form with a proposed budget for the year to the Student Affairs Director
      5. Meet with the Student Affairs Director to complete the application process

Club Membership

Ten registered graduate students must declare their interest in your proposed club. Undergraduate members may join your club, but signatures on your application must be graduate students. Please provide a complete list of your members at the time of your registration. This list will not be provided to external sources. It will be used as a verifier list for the Co-Curricular Record, as well as help us identity the number of students involved in GSA clubs.

Please ensure that you provide the MYLAURIER email address of each member as this is a unique identifier for students. You may add members to the list throughout the school year but we require the minimum of 10 names for approval.


A constitution is mandatory for club approval. A club constitution is a helpful tool as it allows your club to continue operating successfully and acts as a reference in the case of club conflict. Please note that the constitution must be approved by the Student Affairs Director and must not conflict with the Clubs Policy.

Projected Budget

Provided the club is requesting funds, you must complete a projected budget for the duration of time between your application and the following August as the club year begins in September and ends in August. Initial funding will be distributed in September, with an opportunity to apply for additional (or initial) funding in January. More information on the budgeting process will be provided to clubs after they have been approved.


A club wishing to roll over club-generated funds to the next year must apply by the August date at the end of that school term.

As stated in our policy, any funding which has been rolled over must be spent within one school year following the roll-over.

NOTE: Club budget money is not eligible for roll-over.