Important Update

Change-of-Coverage Period

The Change-of-Coverage Period is the period when you can opt out (with proof of comparable existing coverage), or enroll your spouse and/or dependents in the GSA Health & Dental Plan.

To opt out or enroll family members, please visit during the Change-of-Coverage Period:

Fall 2014 (opt-out or enrolments): August 14th to September 17th

 Prior to the Change-Of-Coverage Period, the website will have current year information.


Apply for the continuum plan to continue having excellent health & dental coverage at a low cost when your student plan ends! Apply within 30 days of the end of your GSA plan (ends August 31st) and you will not be asked to provide evidence of good health.

Permanent Opt Outs

Have you already completed a permanent opt-out in a previous year?

Please be patient as we upload all permanenet opt-outs into Loris. Permanent opt-outs will be assessed prior to the tuition deadline.

Do you need to complete a permanent opt-out? 

The opt-out period is August 14 - September 17 2014. If you complete a permanant opt-out and then wish to re-enroll, a $50 administration fee is required. Please also consider coordination of benefits.



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