Introducing... Colin McLaren

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Congratulations to one of our February Researchers of Laurier! Colin McLaren is a Master's candidate in Kinesiology & Physical Education.

Colin is currently studying in the Group Dynamics and Physical Activity Lab with Dr. Mark Eys. His research surrounds the dynamics of youth sport teams, with a specific focus on working with volunteer house-league coaches.

Funded by a SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, an Ontario Graduate Scholarship, and the Wilfrid Laurier Centennial Scholarship, Colin's current research focuses on the motivational climate in youth recreational sport, and how different ego- and task-related coaching behaviours influence perceptions of group cohesion and intentions to return to sport. Specifically, an intervention program was introduced that educated coaches to define success in terms of effort, improvement, teamwork, and cooperation as opposed to outperforming others and winning at all costs. In addition, he is also conducting a separate research project examining both the salience of roles in youth sport, and how various social and group level variables influence group processes in a competitive youth sport context.

From an applied standpoint, Colin also works with a local youth soccer organization in a consultation role where he runs workshops with rep-level coaches on topics such as teambuilding and intra-team communication, and assists in conducting house-league coach certification clinics.



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This new program will be carried out in collaboration with Laurier departments, but is focused on graduate students being honoured by their colleagues.

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