Clubs Overview

The GSA provides funding, organizational, and marketing support to graduate student-run clubs and departmental associations. We also provide the necessary recognition and insurance that student groups are required to have in order to hold and advertise events on campus.

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Active Clubs

These clubs and associations are currently active.

Still haven't found what you're looking for? WLUSU (the undergraduate student union) supports over 130 clubs which are also open to graduate students. Check out their Clubs & Associations department here.

Graduate Student Society of Criminology

Geography Graduate Students' Association

Graduate Students of English and Film Studies

Masters of Social Work Student Club

Association of Psychology-Educated Students

Graduate Music Therapy Students' Association

MBA Students' Association

More Clubs Coming Soon!

Graduate Student Society of Criminology

Graduate Student Society of Criminology


The GSC is the departmental graduate club at Wilfrid Laurier University for Criminology students!


The GSC is geared to fostering a culture of collegiality, intellectual development, collaboration, community volunteerism, and cooperation.  The Graduate Society of Criminology will also work toward creating a cohesive community amongst students in the MA Criminology program and the Brantford community. Please feel free to contact the GSC through e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

The current Executive members for the 2013-2014 school year are as follows:

President: Carla Lopez
Vice President: Samantha Kolpin

Director of Communications: Olena Beshley

Director of Finance:  Timothy Wykes
Director of Social Affairs:  Krystle Shore

Facebook page:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



PARSA (Persian Art/Culture Student Association)

PARSA (Persian Art/Culture Student Association) club:

PARSA is a graduate student club at Wilfrid Laurier University. The vision and goal of the club is to expand knowledge and appreciation of Persian Art and Culture while creating a welcoming environment for the Iranian student community at Laurier.


Amir Hejazi


Facebook page: 

PARSA, WLU Persian Grad Student Association 

The Association of Psychology Educated Students (A.P.E.S.)

The Association of Psychology Educated Students (A.P.E.S.)

The Association of Psychology Educated Students (A.P.E.S) is a club where graduate students in the department of psychology from each of the five areas (Behavioural Neuroscience, Community Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology and Social Psychology)  may get together socially and professionally. It is a great networking opportunity, allowing for the exchange of ideas from what are often very different perspectives in psychology, providing footholds for fantastic collaboration efforts.


Susan Samuel-Herter


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Biology Graduate Students' Association (BGSA)


The Biology Graduate Student’s Association (BGSA) is the departmental graduate association for all Integrative Biology graduate students at Wilfrid Laurier University.


The WLU BGSA advocates for graduate students in the MSc Integrative Biology program and fosters a culture of collegiality, intellectual development, and cooperation.

The available executive positions will be posted at the end of August and will be open for election. The elected executive members for the 2013-2014 school year will be posted in September.

The current GSA executive officers for 2013-2014 are:

President: Courtney Clayson ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Secretary & Treasurer: Lauren Monaco

Social Coordinators: Jessica Smeekens and Ana Sniderham

Biology Café Coordinators: Courtney Clayson & Sarah Poynter

MBA Students' Association

 The MBA Students' Association is looking hiring a new VP. Check out the below candidate platforms:

Sean Olufemi

Hi, my name is Oluseun Olufemi or you can just call me Sean. I’m haven’t met all the new MBA-ers yet but I plan to get around to it. In terms of my background, I completed my Civil Engineering degree at UW a couple of years ago, so this city is practically home to me. Like many others in this programs, I elected to do my MBA in order to complement my analytical skills as well as enhancing my business acumen. As I’m entering in the last term of the MBA program, I’ve been thinking about ways to give back to the school and I believe this position is one of them.

I believe I’m a good fit for Executive VP since the role itself involves a lot of supporting, co-ordinating and managing. Apart from my connection to the community, I’ve had experience performing those duties or something similar; especially in my last couple of co-ops. In my most recent co-op at KPMG, technical contributions aside, my role also involved a lot of planning organizing, and co-ordinating between clients/prospective clients/ and members of the firm as well as providing support to the senior consultants and partners. In the co-op before that I was working at HILTI Canada’s corporate office. I was responsible for providing support (analytical or otherwise) to the Director of Business Development. I also had to plan, organize, co-ordinate and was occasionally responsible for running these meetings. The meetings were usually either between our project teams, other executives or the Director and the firm’s clients.

Finally, I can’t find a better way to complete my NFP than to use it to develop and provide support to initiatives aimed at making our program and community better. Having completed both my undergraduate and graduate degrees at both universities in this city, I have a strong duty and desire to make sure that the value these institutions provide are maintained and further enhanced

Dylan Green

  • Have been involved with the planning and execution of many of the programs and events during my first 2 semesters. 
  • Close relationship with all current co-op students, and have started to meet many of my newest full-time classmates. 
  • Highly motivated individual, with great communication, and team-oriented skills. 
  • Possess the ability to have my 'voice heard', while ensuring those whom I represent are heard as well. 
  • Very supportive of my fellow classmates, whether academically or in their career pursuits. 
  • Have the ability to keep my fellow co-ops in the loop with all events and programs as they finish their final term. 
  • Excited at the opportunity to support other roles within the MBASA.
  • Have taken upon a mentoring role with the Co-op office, providing mock interviews to masters students from other programs. 
  • Have sat on the executive of non-profit organizations in the past, serving as president of a large one during my undergraduate studies. 
  • Have achieved a high caliber of success during all of my academic and work terms throughout the MBA. 
  • Take part in most of the sports, social, academic, and networking events offered through the MBA community. 

Brian Tam

Short Duration, Huge Impact

         It is important to elect an individual who can have a huge impact in the short period that this temporary role will be filled for. This is why I believe I would be the ideal candidate for this EVP role because I've done exactly that for Laurier in the past; with dramatic results to show for it.

My Proven Track Record of Results that Improved the MBA program

         In my first co-op term, I worked as the Laurier's MBA Marketing Coordinator for 4 months. This means I already have strong relations with everyone at the MBA office (still visiting them regularly) and have a deep understanding of the needs and concerns of the student body (extensive survey of student concerns were conducted, which I have insight on and have implemented solutions for in the past).

Here are some examples of how I've improved the program within a short period:

         1. I spearheaded the revamp of the entire MBA program's website to truly position our program in the best way possible because the previous one was a decade old, and strayed people away from the program.

         2. I developed and executed strategies (e.g. hiring of marketing agency, reallocating marketing budget, etc) that have dramatically increased MBA information session attendance rates (~50% increase) and website visitors (increase of 84%).

         3. I implemented the Laurier MBA ambassador program, which I am also a part of ( This allows interested candidates to contact the student ambassadors about the MBA program, which has been a success so far.

         These are just some examples that represent the fact that I have a genuine interest in improving the Laurier MBA program and to build Laurier's brand image as a prestigious University, because it will affect us ALL in the long run.

"Brian was effective in keeping the project on schedule and completing our goal as a team" Maureen Ferraro - Laurier MBA Marketing Coordinator

Why I'm Suited for the EVP Role and What I can Bring to the Team

         This EVP role requires strong organizational and coordination abilities, which I have extensive experience with. In my second co-op term, I worked at Nestle Waters, directly supporting the Marketing Director and Marketing Managers. This required a lot of project management skills as I was the key contact/liaison for several large marketing projects that were all occurring within the same period, and that involved collaborating with various different stakeholders (e.g. multiple different marketing agencies, Finance Team, Sales Team and Supply Chain Team). This is very similar to how the EVP will be required to interact with a cross-functional team as well, supporting the President and other VPs in the MBASA. As the Executive Vice President of the MBASA, I will have the opportunity to continue my track record of improving Laurier's MBA program through directly supporting Bryan, the President, as well as the VPs of the MBASA team on an ongoing basis.

"Brian has been a real pleasure to have on board and is very eager to help out. We have been thrilled to have him with us" - Tracey Peake, Nestlè Waters - Marketing Director


Clubs Policy

Our Clubs Policy includes all of the guidelines for the relationship between clubs and the GSA. The GSA welcomes the involvement of any students passionate about forming a new opportunity for graduate student engagement at Laurier! Some highlights of what the GSA provides to Clubs, and procedures that Clubs need to follow are outlined here.

The Clubs Policy was reviewed & revised in July, 2012. Some key changes are outlined here.

Creating a Club

While club applications are accepted throughout the year, funding is distributed only twice a year, in September and January.

In order to create an officially recognized club, and be eligible for funding from the GSA, you will need to complete the following steps:

      1. Recruit Executives and members
      2. Create a constitution (see sample here)
      3. Submit an application form with a proposed budget for the year to the Student Affairs Director
      5. Meet with the Student Affairs Director to complete the application process

Club Membership

Ten registered graduate students must declare their interest in your proposed club. Undergraduate members may join your club, but signatures on your application must be graduate students. Please provide a complete list of your members at the time of your registration. This list will not be provided to external sources. It will be used as a verifier list for the Co-Curricular Record, as well as help us identity the number of students involved in GSA clubs.

Please ensure that you provide the MYLAURIER email address of each member as this is a unique identifier for students. You may add members to the list throughout the school year but we require the minimum of 10 names for approval.


A constitution is mandatory for club approval. A club constitution is a helpful tool as it allows your club to continue operating successfully and acts as a reference in the case of club conflict. Please note that the constitution must be approved by the Student Affairs Director and must not conflict with the Clubs Policy.

Projected Budget

Provided the club is requesting funds, you must complete a projected budget for the duration of time between your application and the following August as the club year begins in September and ends in August. Initial funding will be distributed in September, with an opportunity to apply for additional (or initial) funding in January. More information on the budgeting process will be provided to clubs after they have been approved.


A club wishing to roll over club-generated funds to the next year must apply by the August date at the end of that school term.

As stated in our policy, any funding which has been rolled over must be spent within one school year following the roll-over.

NOTE: Club budget money is not eligible for roll-over.