Please note that the PD Opportunity Fund has been frozen effective May 1, 2019 until further notice due to the Student Choice Initiative (SCI). For more information please visit our newsletter here.

The GSA showcases our commitment to fostering the Professional Development of graduate students through the following initiative:


Professional Development Opportunity Fund

The GSA is committed to facilitating professional development (PD) opportunities for graduate students in the form of workshops, conferences, or case competitions.

The fund is administered directly through the GSA office.

Important Notes:

  • Up to 50% of the registration cost will be covered by the fund, to a maximum of $250

  • Students can access the fund once per year (May 1st - April 30th).

  • Where the PD opportunity is an academic conference, students will need to get their supervisor/department to confirm their funding/lack thereof

  • Cheques are generally available for pick up at the GSA office by the end of each month - students will be notified via their Laurier email account