Mentorship Program

The Graduate Mentorship Program was designed to support incoming, first-year graduate students (mentees) with their transition into graduate school. Senior graduate students or alumni (mentors) would serve as role models and support mentees by sharing their experiences and knowledge of graduate student life.

We have now moved the program to be part of the Laurier's new, online connections platform through Ten Thousand Coffees. On this exclusive, Laurier Hub, all grad students throughout their academic journey will have the chance to connect with alumni and alumni can connect with others as well.

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Why Join?

use it as an opportunity to become a Mentee

Benefits include,

  • Gain access to critical resources and advice quickly and easily
  • Gain valuable insight about life in graduate school
  • Expand your peer network
  • Learn from the experiences of other graduate students

as an alumni you'll have the chance to become a Mentor

Benefits include,

  • Enhance your communication and facilitation skills
  • Valuable leadership experience that can be included on a CV
  • Expand your peer network
  • Give back to the WLU community