Mentorship Program

The Graduate Mentorship Program is designed to support incoming, first-year graduate students (mentees) with their transition into graduate school. Senior graduate students or alumni (mentors) will serve as role models and support mentees by sharing their experiences and knowledge of graduate student life. The program will also aim to facilitate a sense of community at Laurier and promote graduate student collaboration.


Important Note about Alumni Mentors:

Because Alumni mentors may not reside in close proximity, it may not be possible to have in-person meetings with alumni mentors. If this is the case, we encourage meetings via Skype or other software that specializes in providing video chat and voice calls.


Benefits include,

  • Gain access to critical resources and advice quickly and easily
  • Gain valuable insight about life in graduate school
  • Expand your peer network
  • Learn from the experiences of other graduate students

Mentees who sign up to participate in the program before September will be matched with a more senior graduate student mentor or alumni mentor (one-year programs) as soon as possible, before the beginning of classes. Students will be matched by program as much as possible (unless otherwise preferred).


Benefits include,

  • Enhance your communication and facilitation skills
  • Valuable leadership experience that can be included on a CV
  • Expand your peer network
  • Give back to the WLU community
  • Invitation to the end-of-year volunteer banquet in recognition of your work

As a guideline, we ask that you are able to dedicate 4 – 8 hours to the program each month (September – April), to answer questions and connect with your mentee.  However, no formal time commitment is required. Throughout the year, the GSA will recommend various programming/events for mentors and mentees to attend (we acknowledge that it may not always be possible for Alumni mentors to attend these). Depending on demand, mentors may be asked if they are comfortable mentoring more than one mentee.

Both mentees and mentors can sign up and be matched year-round, although we do encourage you to sign up as early as possible!

View an official press release here.