Our Values


Why Recognizing OUR Research is Important to the GSA:

Showcasing the dynamic research occurring at Laurier, the GSA supports a culture of knowledge mobilization and collaboration. We commit to ensuring that graduate students have opportunities to communicate their research excellence to their research community and the public in both formal and informal ways. Our approach is to create programming that both promotes graduate student research, and allows for networking opportunities, such as our Researchers of Laurier and Library Exhibit initiatives.

The Researchers of Laurier initiative was a great opportunity to showcase my research. I was able to connect and foster relationships with other Laurier Graduate Students.

— Katie Quanz


Why Advancing OUR Ideals is Important to the GSA:

Using the strength of our collective voice, the GSA advocates to the Laurier administration, Waterloo Region, and the Provincial government on matters that are curricular (in the classroom) or non-curricular (outside of the classroom) in nature. We commit to ensuring that graduate students have their concerns heard. Our approach to advocacy is data-driven and professional, with a focus on relationship building and strategic partnerships.

It is difficult to balance parenthood and a PhD. However, the GSA advocated on my behalf to the establish parental benefits at Laurier. Now PhD students no longer have to make a choice between their education and their family.

— Sarah Quinlan Culter


Why Celebrating OUR Community is Important to the GSA:

Knowledgeable in all things “Golden Hawk”, the GSA celebrates the unique contributions that graduate students make to the Laurier fabric, while identifying community traditions that showcase our collective pride in the purple and gold. We commit to ensuring that, regardless of where they have done their undergraduate degree, graduate students will feel welcome at Laurier. Our approach balances the desire to participate in flagship social events like Homecoming with the need to celebrate integral academic contributions, such as our annual appreciation week for Teaching Assistants.

As a grad student and new to Laurier, I was immediately welcomed into the Laurier community.

— Domenica De Pasquale


Why Prioritizing OUR Wellness is Important to the GSA:

Valuing a holistic approach to personal health, the GSA provides graduate students with both programs and services to support their physical, mental, spiritual, sexual and financial health. We commit to ensuring that graduate students have access to quality care and programming on campus, while offering services and initiatives to compliment the Laurier offerings. Our approach is to provide a diverse wellness program through our association, while also providing leadership in Laurier initiatives such as the Gendered Violence Task Force.

I was feeling overwhelmed with my workload. As a volunteer at the GSA, I took advantage of the therapy dogs during Wellness Day and was able to feel recharged and ready to focus on my schoolwork.

— Eleanor McGrath

Professional Development

Why Fostering OUR Professional Development is Important to the GSA:

Understanding the value of personal growth and skills development, the GSA supports graduate students through our advocacy, programming and funding for professional development (PD). We commit to ensuring that the Laurier administration has the appropriate feedback needed from graduate students to enhance ASPIRE, the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies’ professional skills development program. Our approach is to compliment the funding available and programs offered by Laurier with our unique PD Opportunity Fund and creative PD initiatives.

Having the opportunity to coach students while developing tangible professional skills, is one of many things I am extremely thankful to the GSA Office for. I now have a strong portfolio of experience that will put me ahead in my career.

— Natalie Gleba


Why Discovering OUR Volunteerism is Important to the GSA:

Providing a diverse collection of volunteer opportunities, the GSA offers graduate students the ability to guide our association through their leadership. We commit to ensuring that all graduate students looking to get involved have the opportunity to be a part of our team, or contribute to the Laurier community at the university level. Our approach is to provide a consistent framework of volunteer positions, while also allowing for new ideas to flourish as desired by our members. 

I love my position at the GSA. The skills I have acquired have drastically changed my life path. I am so thankful for these amazing opportunities.

— Amanda Kohler