2017/2018 President's Council

This year the Graduate Student Association (GSA) created the President's Council with the aim of identifying thematic institutional barriers to graduate student success and helping to develop strategies to advocate for change. It aims to (1) start a dialogue amongst faculty and constituency representatives at WLU,  (2) provide a platform where the council members can air concerns or recommendations about GSA operations and (3) support students by providing quick wins - things that the GSA can help with or advocate for that would make a big impact, but would be easy to implement.

The President's Council meets once a month to discuss issues brought forward by their fellow students and identify which issues should be worked on and which ones need to be handed over to other appropriate parties. The council members also serve on the Graduate Faculty Council. Please bear in mind that this council is not equipped to support students on academic and course-specific issues. As this is a new program - if you or your fellow students have any non-academic concerns, you may check with the council representative from your faculty - if the issue is beyond the scope of the President's Council you will be referred to the appropriate parties. 


Brandon Benguaich, Faculty of Music

Brooke-Anne Willis, Faculty of Social Work

Cathy Clause, Indigenous Student Representative

Crystal Shadwell, Faculty of Education

Gurvinder Singh, International Students

Jocelyn Wang, Lazaridis School of Business and Economics

Lindsay Shepherd, Faculty of Liberal Arts

Nathaniel Khaleel, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

Rebecca Friesdorf, Faculty of Science

Sakshi Jain, School of International Policy and Governance

Thomas Wood, Faculty of Arts