how to talk to people: Explaining your research to family, friends, and humans outside of your area

Stuck trying to explain what exactly it is you do again? Don't worry. Our research committee has put together this handy infographic so you can avoid those awkward conversations at your next social function. Download your copy here.

5 tips on dealing with criticism

Receiving criticism isn’t easy. Below are some tips to help you process it. Download your copy here.

5 Tips on Dealing with Criticism:  1. What kind of criticism is it? Some criticism is just plain mean. Other forms of criticism are constructive. Constructive criticism isn’t a personal attack.  2. Imagine how someone you admire would handle the criticism you received. Use that to model your own response.  3. Have an attitude of growth. Be open to learning and changing. Instead of focusing on the negative, take this as an opportunity for self-improvement.  4. Acknowledge your feelings and do some self-care. Criticism can hurt, no matter how helpful, and it’s important to let yourself feel.  5. Show yourself compassion. Use positive self-talk such as “This criticism hurts, but it doesn’t define me”.  Funded through your support of the GSA Academic Support Fee