The GSA encourages graduate students to discover their volunteerism through the following initiative:

Student Clubs

The GSA encourages and supports the creation of student clubs at Laurier. Most clubs are program/faculty based, but clubs around particular cultures, interests, or other commonalities are also welcome.  However, if a special-interest club already exists at Laurier (i.e. at the undergraduate level) then graduate students will be encouraged to join those.

The GSA offers some funding for club activities that will be distributed amongst clubs during the Club President Council meetings that take place once at the beginning of each semester. One representative from each club (i.e., Presidents or Vice-Presidents) will attend these meetings on behalf of their club and will vote on the funding requests submitted by each club.

Priority will be given to club activities that highlight student wellness, develop academic and professional skills, and promote engagement between graduate students, the university and the broader community.

Forms and Waivers
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Off-Campus Waiver Form
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