Student Clubs

Come May 1st 2018, graduate students at Laurier will no longer have the requirement to organize as a club to gain access to funding. Each semester, beginning in the Fall of 2018 there will be a window of opportunity for any member, or collective of members, to apply to receive funding or a program,
event or initiative. This simply means the following:

  • all members will have equal access to apply for funding

  • the granting of funds to successful applicants will be decided by the WLUGSA operations team

  • members will apply using an application form (including a section that confirms that their
    program, event or initiative adheres to all WLUGSA operational policies) and hand in their

  • applications to their constituency representative (see organizational chart for list)

  • funds that academic clubs have in their accounts as of April 30th, 2018 will carry forward and remain accessible to members from within the current academic club department or be transferred to the Laurier department for ongoing administration

We are hopeful that this new system will encourage members from all constituency areas to
consider what programs, events and initiatives they could develop to support our graduate
student community.

If you have any questions or concerns, please connect at any time!