Survey Results


General Satisfaction Survey

In Fall, 2014 the GSA sent out a survey to students in order to learn about their general satisfaction with several aspects of graduate school and about the GSA generally. You can view the results of that survey here.


Health and Dental Plan SATISFACTION SURVEY

The health and dental plan service provider, Student Care, sent out a survey to graduate students at Laurier to better understand what health and dental benefits were most valuable to students and to determine if there was other benefits not covered that students express a need for.

Upon review of these results, the GSA sent out a subsequent survey to students to determine which specific benefit changes they would like to see. The results of this survey can be found here. These results, supported by the survey sent out by Student Care, informed the Fall, 2015 benefit changes. 

Professional Development Survey

To better direct the Professional Development Committee and to begin the inclusion of professional development initiatives in the GSA for students at Laurier, a professional development survey was created and sent out to students to understand what professional development meant to them, and to ask what types of professional development opportunities they would be most likely to engage in. The results of this survey can be found here.