The GSA prioritizes student wellness through the following initiatives:

CUrrent Initiatives 

Wellness Education

The Student Wellness Centre enhances the physical, emotional, and psychological health of students at Laurier by promoting proactive wellness strategies and resources. Under the newly redesigned branch of Wellness Education, educational initiatives led by both peers and professionals are now offered year-round and open to all Laurier students.

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Join us for Thrive Week and learn how to thrive at Laurier!  Thrive is a week-long series of free events for students that focus on building positive mental health. Stay tuned to the calendar of events on

Ride The Wave

Learn to Ride the Waves of student life with our counsellor-led, skill-building workshops designed to offer practical tips for increasing resilience, managing stress, and developing skills to cope with the turbulence of life. Join us in the Student Health and Development Centre to learn about wellness from Student Wellness Centre professionals all year long. Ride the Wave workshops are drop-infree, and do not require registration.


Past Initiatives

Ensuring Bites Before the Break

The Graduate Community coordinated a food drive for the Laurier Food Bank to ensure students were eating healthy when overwhelmed, stressed, or financially strained. Students and faculty donated non-perishable food items to several on campus drop-off locations. A photo of the donations can be seen below!

The Food Bank provides food deliveries on a 24/7 basis confidentially supporting the dietary and nutritional needs of Laurier students. All dietary restrictions can be accommodated, and food packages typically last up to a week or more. All Laurier students are eligible to use this service.


Mental Health First Aid Training
This training is offered free of charge to Laurier faculty and staff implemented as a standardized certificate program that aims to improve mental health and literacy skills. Participants learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, provide initial help, and guide the person towards appropriate professional help. For more details contact general


Blue Folder Initiative
This is a campus-specific resource created to assist staff, faculty, and TAs in identifying and responding to students in distress. The “folder” provides information about warning signs, immediate actions to assist individuals, and contact information for support services. The folder is given out at orientation and is available online.


Wellness Wednesdays
The Wellness Committee takes turns writing themed Wellness Wednesday posts for our Facebook page. These posts are helpful, informative, and connect students with resources on campus and in the community that will help them navigate all aspects of graduate student welless.


TA/IA Appreciation Week
Students are encouraged to appreciate their current or past TAs this week by posting their thanks on our WLU TA Appreciation Facebook Page either privately from their devices or using a GSA provide laptop accessible in the Laurier concourse. The live feed will be available for viewing in Laurier’s concourse via projector screen. Each comment will be used to create a word cloud that will be given to the TA’s to summarize the positive influences they have had on students over the years.


2014/2015 Word Cloud


Mental Health Education Group
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This is a student run group aimed at increasing mental health awareness and decreasing stigma across campus and in the community. They have several internal and community partners who work together with the help of the Bell Grant to bring different speakers to Laurier, run poster awareness campaigns, and host the Love My Life: Walk for Mental Health.


Gendered Violence Task Force
A steering committee is currently being assembled to assist in overseeing and supporting the numerous gendered-violence prevention and awareness initiatives being undertaken at Laurier. As well, a working group is being created to focus on developing strategies to engage and educate the Laurier community through conversations and alternative programming related to gendered violence.


Bringing in the Bystander
The purpose of this prevention program is to increase feelings of safety and reduce gendered violence on campus. Participants have the unique opportunity to take on a leadership role by educating themselves on how to stop violence again another person on campus and in the community. It consists of a full-day, interactive, train-the-trainer workshop that provides a sustainable way for participants to implement the Bringing in the Bystander curriculum to their campus. Following this, students attend sessions that teach bystanders how to safely intervene before, during, and after an incident of sexual abuse, relationship violence, and stalking. Click for more information.


Laurier Wellness Hub
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The Wellness Hub is designed to provide the Laurier community with a peer-driven safe place to obtain information, active self-help options, personal coping/success stories, and alternative treatment approaches with regards to mental health and wellness. This space also provides a forum through which to share initiative and events occurring at Laurier and in the wider community regarding wellness.