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Tuesday October 31, 2017

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Two students vie for GSA President & CEO position 2017-2018

For Immediate Release                  
Thursday February 23, 2017                  

Waterloo, ON… There are two nominees for GSA President & CEO 2017-2018. Natalie Gleba and Michael Johnson will have the next two weeks leading up to the GSA Annual General Meeting on March 8th to campaign to graduate students for their vote. Following a two-week call for applications, the GSA Board committee charged with vetting the candidates met with both Michael and Natalie to discuss their vision for the role and their leadership experience.

"Our committee was looking to satisfy our general task from the Board of Directors to identify candidates who had some previous leadership experience, either within the GSA or through another opportunity, and whose vision for the role could fit within the Board set strategic plan. Our goal was to simply allow the candidates an opportunity to discuss their ideas, and to decide if those ideas represented our shared values. It is now the membership's responsibility to vet each campaign. Your vote on March 8th will decide which candidate will lead our operations team for the next fiscal year - who will be the spokesperson of the graduate student community." - Domenica De Pasquale, Committee Member

Three graduate students were acclaimed to the GSA Board of Directors at the 3pm deadline on February 22, 2017. Congratulations to Samantha Deeming, Jeanault Lasnier, and Amandeep Singh, who will join the Board of Directors on May 1st, 2017.

“Serving the graduate student community on the GSA Board of Directors has complimented the professional development that I had as part of my MBA. I look forward to working with the new board members to implement the new GSA strategic plan.” – Marshall Peters, returning Board Member

In addition to voting for GSA President, graduate students will be asked to vote on the Ontario Graduate Student Alliance referendum question, “Do you accept a mandatory fee of $2.37 to be assessed in the Fall semester of each year until April 2020, that will support the Graduate Students’ Association advocacy efforts at the municipal, provincial and federal level as a member of the Ontario Graduate Student Alliance (OGSA)?”

Students registered as a Waterloo Campus graduate student from the Lazaridis School of Business will also be asked a PRISM question, “Do you support a decrease in the graduate student PRISM fee from $125 to $65 per term”.

 “I am confident that we will see an engaged graduate student community during the campaigning period. Our membership is tasked not only with choosing the leadership of the GSA operations team, but also with whether they support our continued advocacy efforts with the municipal, provincial and federal governments. I invite each member of our community to participate in the open forums we have arranged, and ask questions of the candidates and the OGSA. “ – Gautam Khanna, GSA Board of Directors Chair